About us

Connect IT was founded in 1999 by the IT and ERP consultants Sibylle Renninger and Ralf Parfuss.

Since then we were given opportunities to:

  • build the core system (database and tools) of a famous Austrian mobile phone services provider
  • elaborate and implement High Availability concepts for various mobile phone service providers
  • introduce, implement, launch and operate numerous ERP systems for our customers
  • automate and optimize business processes with innovative solutions
  • design, develop and introduce products for several top ten telematics solution providers
  • assist and support multinational enterprises with their introduction of telematics services

At the very beginning our focus was providing consulting services for

  • IT administration for high availability systems and mass data management
  • IT management and consulting
  • ERP consulting and development
  • Development of IT tools

2006 Telematics expansion
In 2006 we started adding telematics services to our portfolio!
Quite soon we learned that the experience in

  • ERP
  • mobile
  • database
  • development

is a perfect match to provide Telematics at next level

In 2014, looking back at the past years, we took all our experience from the view point of a

  • Telematics service and solution provider
  • Telematics supplier

and designed and developed our own telematics solution – starting where most of the other telematics solution providers to not have any answers.

Big targets and an industry still at its early days are offering us unlimited possibilities to provide
Telematics at next level! – connect.it