Software Development

Software development

Since the early days we have been facing the challenges of

  • processing large volumes of data
  • providing results and solutions to the user in a performant way
  • ensuring that the software product can be used intuitive
  • meeting security requirements such as access control or data privacy
  • presenting operational data graphically in flexible tables and clear charts
  • presenting geo-movement data on maps and in routes
  • interfacing different types of ERP systems
  • getting supplied with the same types of data but from different manufacturers/supplier
  • … and much more!!!

Been given the chance to face these challenges we have learned a lot and still do!
But what we already did and will continue to, is to use this knowledge for our software development and project management services as these challenges reoccur continuosly.

With each and every project we have been able to enlarge our internal stock of software tools. Our main target always was making use of these tools to integrate them into each other.
Now we are able to interface all different data suppliers such as

  • ERP systems,
  • On Board Unit device systems,
  • 3rd party user management systems.

Having such a software basis not only increases development duration but – to me more important – brings system reliability. Reliability, because theses basic tools are used in different projects – using only hooks in the core and building customization on top allows us to start development steps ahead of our competitors. Where they have to build from scratch, we use already proven software modules.

These basic modules - our core system – for sure include different types of data presenting such as

  • line charts,
  • bar charts,
  • flexible tables
  • etc.

as well as some basic applications for standard telematics use cases such as geo tracking.

But most important: our fully customizable process analysis tool – which compared to the most of the other applications not only delivers a nice graphical user interface, it provides our customers actively with where their action is needed and therefore resources, time and money can be saved. Read more about ITIS here ….