ITIS Service

Setting new standards in the Telematics Industry: ITIS

All that experience we are now channelizing towards our revolutionary Intelligent Telematics Information Service – short IITIS.

The most important facts for ITIS are:

  • Built to set dedicated measures – not just an information system
  • integrates with existing telematics solution
  • configurable to suit your individual business processes
  • concentrates on the information relevant for you!
  • take advantage of continuous improvements

If it could be you saying one of the following sentences …

  • you already have a telematics solution but want to diversivy from the market and brint it to the next level
  • You have an idea for a telematics solution but to not have a portal providing base data and integration in existing systems or you do not have the necessary hardware.
  • You are planning to introduce a telematics solution but don’t know where to start – ask our telematics consultants

… you should not hesitate to contact us!