The Telematics Industry

The Telematics Industry is changing with cyberspeed!

The telematics industry today is continuously taking up speed. Almost daily we read about new innovations and systems flooding the market with solutions in all different fields of operation.

Rapidly changing telematics solutions providers seem to make it impossible to choose the right partner to introduce a new system which is future save.

Proven standards in the trucking industry versus insufficient standards in the construction industry.

Ask yourself the right questions before you take your decision:

  • Is the solution generating a sustainable added value?
  • How do I protect my business data?
  • How do I minimize administrational efforts?
  • Is the solution supporting or improving my processes?
  • How do I make sure my individual data remains with me?

It seems the winner is, the one with the most flexible and customizable solution. Since years telematics service providers as well as customers from all different industries trust in our telematics competences.
We have

  • introduced large scale, group wide telematics solutions
  • provided consultancy services for telematics service providers to improve their compatibility to other systems
  • designed, implemented and operated large scale telematics solutions, interface systems, data converters
  • developed de facto standards
  • influenced standardization processes
  • and much more

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