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IT Consulting and Consulting since 1999

connect-it is a small team of experts that proactively supports companies in the area of business development with a clear focus on technology.

Since our inception in 1999, we have had the privilege of serving well-known manufacturing companies and one of the 3 largest mobile network operators as our clients. In particular, we impressed our customers with our deep technical know-how in the areas of ERP software programming (BAAN/INFOR), finance, IT organization, as well as IT backend systems and databases. 

Our services in the IT and ERP area were influenced by very fast-growing companies. In particular, we are proud to have been able to actively support a mobile phone operator over a period of 4 years, from shortly after the launch to finally approx. 400 employees and one million subscribers. 

In addition to our ongoing activities in ERP consulting and technology, our focus then shifted in 2003 to interim management and business development with a focus on IT and technology products. We managed the IT and technical project department for one of the largest logistics companies in Austria for an extended period of time, as well as leading a reorganization project. 

One of our larger assignments was the development of a new business unit in the area of toll technology for a leading provider. The task was to develop a traffic management system with international sales based on the toll technology.
After 3 years we had a well-diversified portfolio and international references.

At the same time, there were projects such as the development of IT for an airline as well as setting up technology including a booking system. In addition, a driving school was founded, which became market leader within six months after start-up and still is today, after more than ten years. 

Another major milestone was a contract from one of Austria’s leading construction companies to provide telematics services for the group in the construction sector.

It was in the construction sector that the idea for the connect-it team’s greatest success story, “t-matix”, was born. The company grew from 3 to almost 100 employees in just 4 years. The idea was a flexible platform in the field of telematics, which was launched with a successful startup investor. When the term IoT emerged only 3 years later, the company was already a big step ahead of the new market. Just 3 years after t-matix was founded, they received an offer to sell the company to an international mobile operator. However, to maintain the momentum, it was not until 2 years later that the company was sold to a Swiss group focused on construction.

In 2019, our CEO was named one of the Top 10 CEO’s in 2019 in IOT by the international magazine Industry Era.

In 2021 Tycoon Success Magazine reports on Ralf Parfuss and describes him as “most inspiring CEO`s to watch in 2021”. https://tycoonsuccess.com/ralf-parfuss-transforming-business-with-a-decisive-approach

Today, we focus our broad expert knowledge on successfully supporting other companies in the technology sector.


1998 - Establishment of the company as a sole proprietorship
1999 - Reorganization as a limited liability company
2000 - Contract to support development of mobile phone operator
2004 - Interim Management IT and Projects Logistics
2006 - Development of telematics Traffic Management System
2009 - Focus on telematics with emphasis on construction
2014 - Foundation of t-matix with first "no-code" IoT platform
2018 - Sale of t-matix
2019 - Industry Era Top 10 CEO's in IoT 2019 award.
2021 - March, exit from the management of t-matix
2021 - Tycoon Magazine "most inspiring CEO's to watch in 2021" award.


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